Data Security

First Source Ltd offers a broad range of market-leading data security solutions, related professional data security services and training — all of which are designed to help your organization safeguard its most sensitive information and business processes while complying with regulations and industry mandates. Solutions we provide:-

Software-defined access

This is a multi-layered solution, addressing the applications and data access challenges across on-premise, mobile and hybrid cloud environments.
By deploying this solution, you can now unify and streamline all your access and exchange systems and modernize your security perimeter on-premise and in the cloud. It protects and controls access by separating the access layer from the authentication layer, and by segmenting internal networks. This reduces the attack surface and mitigates the risk of external threats such as network DDoS, SSL based attacks, application attacks and more.

Secure Application Access

Our Software Defined Access is evolutionary in the way organizations grant secure external access to their services. Built on Software Defined Perimeter technology and Integrated Data Security Platform, it offers true secure and transparent access for all entities to internal applications and data

Secure File & Email Access

Our solution helps to protect organizations’ files from internal or external unauthorized access. This prevents attackers from leaking, stealing, misusing, encrypting or compromising your files. It enables organizations to control access and secure the exchange of any type and size of file between people, applications, cloud solutions and businesses. It is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of workflows for enterprises of all types including to and from the cloud.

Automated Application Access

This solution offers organizations the means and technology to easily and securely offer new file upload scenarios for both customers and anonymous users, allowing you to greatly simplify the launch of new services without compromising on security, compliance on regulation, or end-user ease of use.

Secure Hybrid Cloud Access

our solution provides a method for enterprises to convert their complex DMZ and perimeter architecture to light perimeter layer hosted in the cloud, while increasing network and application security

Cloud Storage Access

our solution provides businesses and business users the ability to utilize consumer/business cloud storage solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.

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