Address every stage of the attack lifecycle with industry-leading threat intelligence, advanced monitoring, incident response, and cyber skills development services. Our solutions are tailored towards the below areas:-

  • Secure Application Access
  • Secure File & Email Access
  • Anonymous Application Access
  • Managed Firewall Security

Secure Application Access

Defined Perimeter technology and Integrated Data Security Platform offers true secure and transparent access for all entities.

Our Software Defined Access is evolutionary in the way organizations grant secure external access to applications and data.

Secure File & Email Access

We offer IT centralized control over security policy.Our solution provides simple, secure file sharing via email with unlimited file size, Outlook integration, and encryption of both the message and the attachments

We secure the content of your emails , whether sending from Microsoft Outlook or web portals. The recipient logs in to a secure web portal to view the message and download any attachments.

Anonymous Application Access

Our Anonymous application access defined solution offers an organization the means and technology to easily and securely offer new file upload scenarios for both customers and anonymous users.

Without this solution, organization's risks exposing themselves to external attacks such as network DDoS, malware, ransomware and application-level attacks.

Firewall Security

We provide 24x7 firewall administration, log monitoring, and response to security and device health events. When a threats is detected, our experts respond immediately to counter the threat and protect your organization.

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